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Prayers of the Church, April 16, 2017

L.: Rejoicing in the risen life of Christ, let us pray for the church, the world, and all who are in need.

Victor of Calvary, we come to you this morning with praise and thanksgiving for who you are and who you have revealed yourself to be.

We praise you for your triumph over death and sin
for the glory of your incarnation, death, and resurrection
for creating us, desiring relationship with us and saying we are worth it
for making all things new
for being a God who is not distant.

Lord Jesus, forgive us those moments our busyness has eclipsed our vision of you and what you are doing in our lives and world. Help us this day, and every day, to grow in our knowledge and understanding of how deep, how wide, and how immense your love is for your creation. Lord in your mercy,

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L: Sustainer, we pray for the world– for your garden and the environment of this place we call home. Help us to care for this place for ours and future generations, and to be good stewards of the gifts you give us. Lord in your mercy

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L: King of Kings, we lift up our world and all its nations and people. We pray against fear and division, and lift up all those experiencing physical poverty, food scarcity or malnutrition, alienation from war or conflict or exploitation. Be with the least of these, Jesus.

We pray longingly for your peace to Reign. Heal us, our relationships, and our world. Give us courage to boldly shine your light that we might be beacons of your love, justice, and reconciliation for all peoples. Lord in your mercy…

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L: Holy Spirit, be with our nation, our cities and communities, our military and first responders and our people. Grant those in harm’s way safety and courage, and give our political leaders wisdom.

We pray for all those in our community who are experiencing homelessness, economic uncertainty, unemployment or underemployment or marginalization. Have mercy on these, and on us. Embolden us in our care for these, and increase our desire for loving our neighbors as greatly as we do ourselves for the sake of your Kingdom. Lord in Your Mercy…

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L: Jesus, we pray for your church this morning. Anchor it in places where persecution tries to diminish its presence and fan its flames in places where it is waning. Bolster us, Holy Spirit. We lift up the church here in North America, our denomination, this congregation and our international partners globally. Send us out into the fields as your workers, that where-ever we might be we may join in the work of your Kingdom. Lord in your Mercy…

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L: Good Shepherd, we lift to you those in mourning, those experiencing illness, doubt, hardship, and those conflicted with emotional wounds. We lift up our families and those who are away from us this celebratory day. We ask that you surround each of these with your Presence; grant them your healing, comfort, peace, and joy.

We pray especially for those on our prayer list, and those we lift to you in spoken word or in silent thought. (pause)

…Lord in your mercy

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L: Jesus, thank you for being a God who desires a relationship with us – for promising to be with us unto the end of the age and never leave nor forsake us. We thank you for hearing these prayers and we praise you for what you are going to do in our lives and world. As we return to our life this week, help us to carry the celebration of Easter forth from this place and remember you are with us in all things. Lord in your mercy,

All : hear our prayer

- Kevin Ruhf