prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, February 12, 2017

Called to be a light to the nations, let us pray for God’s justice, peace and healing

Gracious Father God, we thank you for the gift of scripture. We marvel that ancient words have soul refreshing effects today. We pray for the Saad family, the family we call “ours” who fled danger in their homeland Iraq and had a rock thrown through their window in Glenside. We pray for the rock thrower who suffers with fear and anger. We pray for ourselves because we are frail humans who feel anger or self-righteously superior to the rock thrower. We pray for Your Kingdom on earth and in our neighborhood. Lord in your mercy

Lord, we come into your presence this morning seeking a gracious blessing. But we dare to ask for an outrageous portion of Your grace. We ask that you not simply equip us but that you chase us out into your world to be a light in it. Make us startle even ourselves with the power you give. For all we do is moved by Your breath, enveloped by Your spirit, and resounding to Your glory, not ours. Lord in your mercy

Generous God who gave us the law, and then when we failed to keep it in our weakness, sent us Grace and Truth through Jesus, stay with us. Give us the help we most certainly need to glorify you in our lives and do your will. Lord in your mercy

Healing Father, you alone know the pain and suffering of all your children. We raise the needs of those who are ill before you now, and we ask for healing. We ask also for confidence that you are with all who suffer and all who pray for them. Lord in your mercy

- Diane Schueler