prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, November 13, 2016

With the people of God gathered here and throughout the world, we offer our prayers for the church, those in need, and all of creation.

Almighty and ever-living God, we give you thanks for the men and women who have served and defended our country and the values of freedom and justice we hold so dear. And we give you thanks for the men and women who are serving now in our military, 1 % of the population of this country. Help us be mindful of the sacrifices they made and make, the hardship endured by their families and friends, so that we never take for granted the privileges they have secured for us. Have mercy O God

Almighty and Ever Living God, Father of us all, we need your guidance now like toddlers need their Daddy. The election is past. We survived the endless nasty ads, the phone calls telling us how to vote, the constant blathering of the talking heads. We survived being afraid to tell our friends, members of this congregation even, how we planned to vote for fear of fracturing those relationships. And now we have our reward, post-election dysfunction. It’s out there – the forces of anger threaten to overwhelm us. This is like sin, Father. We are powerless to overcome it on own. And so we throw ourselves on Your mercy begging for Your love and Your presence to enter us and be stronger than anger. Because we also hold dear the value of loving one another taught to us by your son. Have mercy O God

Almighty and Ever Living God, there’s something else we need. You know us. You know that gratitude isn’t our default response, wanting more is. When we feel the urge to save lots of money buying something on sale, remind us that right now 65 million people are displaced in our world. 65 million people have fled with almost or none of their stuff. And let our response to that fact NOT be despair, let our response be finding out how we can help and then doing that. Have mercy O God

- Diane Schueler