prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, October 30, 2016

Set free by the truth of God’s gracious love, we pray for the Church, the world, and all of God’s good creation.

Ah, Heavenly Father, we pray for your good creation this morning but then we go out and mess it up more, way too often choosing comfort or convenience over good stewardship of the resources we have. Forgive us our neglect and thoughtlessness. Make us mindful and aware that living simply is part of creation care and part of our faith practice. Hear us O God

Gracious gift giving God we give thanks this morning and we should. If I listed all the gifts we enjoy in this church we would be standing here well into the start of the 10:30 service, and then my brothers and sisters here would have more to add to the long lost. Forgive our sinful human nature that makes us concentrate on the MORE that we want instead of the much we already have. Hear us O God

Eternal God who created humans with minds, we bless you and we thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit that renews your church in every age. Continue to renew this church as we seek to show the world Your kingdom. Hear us O God.

Loving God we pray this morning for those in our community and in the world who are ill, in pain, suffering. Let the peace only You can give surround those we name before you now. Lord in your mercy