prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, July 17, 2016

Leader: We come now to the time where we bring our prayers and petitions before the Lord. After each petition, I will pray “Hear us O God.” Please respond with “Your Mercy is Great” ​Rooted in Christ and rising to serve, let us pray for the church, the world, and all those in need.

​Who may ascend your Mountain, O Lord? Who can stand in your holy place? Before the foundations of the earth – before the stars and cosmos, you were. At the end of all days, you will still be. You are constant in our ever-changing world. Though we are but a vapor, Lord – you are. You adorn us beautifully like the flowers of the field and care for us as your Children. We praise you this morning for who you are, everlasting God, and thank you for your ever-present care. Help us to remember you are with us always, in all times, and all places. Hear us O God… All:​Your mercy is Great

Leader:​Holy one – the earth is yours and everything in it. We thank you for your creation – for the mountains and the depths, for the seas that roar and the deserts and jungles, for our seasons, all the creatures and plants, and everything which you have called Good. Forgive us, dear God… As a people, we haven’t done a great job at calling this place you made for us “good.” Help us to care for your creation, Giver and sustainer of Life; help us to tend your creation… Hear us O God… All:​Your mercy is Great

Leader:​God of Abraham, we ask you to be with our nation, our cities, our military and first responders, and our people. Give our politicians the wisdom to lead well, King of Kings. We pray against fear and division and ask for courage in our daily walks. We pray for reconciliation among all peoples, Lord – especially in these past few weeks Lord. Help us to be slow to speak and eager to listen. Hear us O God…All:​Your mercy is Great

Leader:​Holy Spirit, fall on us this day. Empower us to be your light in a broken world. Be with your church today in all the places where it is pressed and persecuted. Be with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, in Asia, and Europe and strengthen their witness. We pray especially for our partners in China and Tanzania. We pray for our denomination and the North American church as a whole– we pray against division among our brothers and sisters, Lord. Unite us as different scaffolds building up your Kingdom on earth, that the whole world might come to know You Are, and You are Here. Hear us O God… All:​Your mercy is Great

Leader:​Lord Jesus, help us to quiet our hearts this day and week – to sit at your feet and listen to what you have to say to us. Help us to rise and prepare a place at the table for you – to welcome you as we welcome and serve our neighbors. Be the center of all that we do, Lord. Take our hands, take our feet, take our minds, our ears, our tongues, eyes and hearts and use them, Lord. Tune us to your Word. Give us discernment to understand it; and give us strength & courage to act upon it. Teach us your ways, O Lord, and help us to serve all our neighbors where-ever we might be. Hear us O God… All:​Your mercy is Great

Leader:​Jesus, draw near to us this morning. We lift us those who mourn, those experiencing illness, doubts, and those conflicted with emotional wounds. Surround them with your presence O God- and heal them. We pray especially for those on our prayer list, and those we name now in spoken word or in silent thought… Hear us O God… All:​Your mercy is Great

- Kevin Ruhf