prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, June 19, 2016

Let us pray for the church, those in need and all of God’s creation.

Abba, Father, we pray with gratitude for the abundant gifts this church has: we have treasure, we have safety and security, we have talented and dedicated pastors and leaders, we have everything we need and so much that we want. Keep us ever mindful of these gifts so that we remain grateful instead of complacent. Make us a light shining on a hill to show your glory to our neighbors. Be with our fellow Christians in the world who cannot even imagine the luxury we are blessed with. Open our hearts and ears
to hear their cries so that we are moved and able to share our blessings. Lord in your mercy

Creator God, help us have faith even though we have 24 hour world news available to us. Events challenge our understanding of how You are in charge, events that we know deeply grieve You. So we shake our heads at things far, far beyond our control and turn them over to You. We ask the Holy Spirit to intervene and turn hatred to tolerance and
fear to love. And we ask for strength and guidance to do Your will as we are able to heal the world, following the example of Jesus. Lord in your mercy

Lord Jesus, you taught us to pray starting with the words OUR FATHER, OUR DADDY, OUR PAPA. This broken suffering world cries out in pain because your children forget that you are daddy to us all – every one of us. Lord Jesus, you set the perfect example for us of not falling into despair but living like that – like we are all children of God.
Strengthen and refresh us this morning so that we can go forth and try again. Lord in your mercy

Loving God, we trust that you are with your children who suffer, we trust that you care about those in need. Members of this church family struggle with illness and struggle with caring for loved ones. We lay the names of those we know to be in need before you now. Lord in your mercy

- Diane Schueler