prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, March 27, 2016

Alleluia! Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

On this most holy day, let us pray to God for the church, the earth, and all in need, that the whole world may know the resurrection that God promises to give.

Holy Father on this day so many years ago your beloved son Jesus Christ rose to be at your side having endured a most painful death. Dying for us, for our sins. There
is no one else that loves us like this, yet at times we are forgetful, forgive us our failures. Hear us, O God.

Jesus Christ appeared in human form not to be served, not to be honored as king but to serve all living beings. We pray for the many service ministries of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church. We pray that you will guide us as time goes on, seeing where best we can use our time, talent and treasure to serve others. Hear us, O God.

Spring has arrived and we are experiencing warmer weather and much sunshine and with this we see the rebirth of the earth, flowers are looking up to the sun, trees are
turning green. We pray that we also will experience a rebirth, becoming closer to you Lord, rededicating ourselves to honoring all that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ meant for us and for all people. Hear us, O God.

It is a joy to see the little children hunt for Easter eggs and check the contents of their Easter baskets. The smiles on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes is wonderful. We pray that their hearts and minds are filled with an understanding and love of Jesus Christ. Hear us, O God.

Most glorious God we pray for our pastors Dyan Lawlor and Keith Anderson, for seminary student Dan Potaznik and our deacon Fred Renigar may their faith grow stronger each day. Help them to shepherd us as we face the many challenges of our lives. Hear us, O God.

We pray for all the people affected by the bombings in Brussels. We pray for those that plan these attacks, may they understand that the taking of innocent lives does not earn them respect but the hatred of those left behind. Hear us, O God.

Gracious Lord may the light of your son Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord shine on all in need. We ask blessings on our home bound, on our congregation and those named on our prayer list. We pray for the special people we hold close in our hearts and lift them up to you now in spoken word or silent thought. Hear us, O God.

- Barbara Teel