prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, May 31, 2015 - 7:45 am Service

Righteous King, let us forge ahead in our lives, embolden by the knowledge and power of “Thy will be done” as we can live freely in your mercy. Yet, in doing so, help us to remember that we live as a testament to your forgiveness and that by your grace alone do we continue to exist. Each day we break our bonds with heaven and earn the wrath of heaven, but by Jesus we are forgiven so that “Your will” is something we can praise and embrace rather than fear. Lord, in your mercy.


Lord, Love is a mighty weapon that we all wield. Through love we can crash down all the forces of evil, working together as one body embraced not only in our love for each other but in the love you share to all of us. Help us to refine this love and let it flow bountifully for all your children so that the whole world can one day feel the power of love. Lord, in your mercy.

Almighty Creator, help us to keep the door open. Again and again we refuse those who ask of us and lose what we have been searching for. But, you always keep that door open to us even when we cannot keep it open to ourselves and others. Then, let us all give our love and forgiveness to those who ask of it just as you gift us when we ask for your grace. Lord, in your mercy.

God, Let the poor be wealthy, the hungry be fed, and the weak made strong. Bless those that are closest to us, despite the vast distances that separate us, and those we are furthest from, despite the walls between us. Please help those that serve to us the knowledge, love, and protection that we need. We understand that loss is part of life; we know that those that leave us join you and find everlasting peace in your kingdom. Help us lord, let us feel in our hearts the eternal spirit of those we have lost, but have not lost us. Please, Father, protect and guide those that need you most; those that are sick, suffering, or beyond our reach and those we name to you now in spoken word or silent thought. Lord, in your mercy.

- Woody Fulmer