prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, May 24, 2015

Trusting the Spirit’s power, we pray for the church, the world, and all of God’s creation.

On this Memorial Day weekend Lord we pray for the many soldiers throughout the decades that have given their lives while protecting this country, our home, their
home. We pray for the many men and women that are serving today, each doing their part to try and bring peace to the world. Lord we especially lift up the men and women that have returned home with life changing injuries, help them and their families move forward and find peace in their lives. Hearus, O God.


Father of all, we pray for the many facing challenges in their lives. There are those living in areas of draught and others facing flooding due to heavy rains, others are still looking for meaningful employment and those fighting serious illness. Hear us, O God.

On Pentecost Sunday we remember the Holy Spirit coming down and filling the 120 with His spirit. Lord we pray that you will pour out your spirit on us. Helping us to see
the good in others, to care more for others than ourselves. To live so others can see the Holy Spirit in us. Hear us, O God.

Father as our Sunday School and Nursery School wind down for the year bless all the faithful teachers and aids. We are thankful for Livvy, Stacey and Dottie who guide our Christian education. Bless Pastor Anderson give him strength and understanding as leads us. We pray for safe travel and renewal of spirit for Pastor Lawlor. Hear us, O God.

Holy Father we pray for world peace. We pray that the leaders of the world may see beyond their borders and see the bigger picture, see what could be if we showed only love and caring for each other. Hear us, O God.

Gracious Lord may the light of your son Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord shine on all in need. We ask blessings on our home bound, on our military and those named on our prayer list. We pray for the special people we hold close in our hearts and lift them up to you now in spoken word or silent thought. Hear us, O God.

- Barbara Teel