prayer candles

Prayers of the Church, Easter Sunday, April 5th

Confident that the resurrection of Christ has defeated sin and death, we offer our prayers for the church, the world, and all people in need.

Heavenly Father, we celebrate the church this Easter morning which does Your will in Your world. Your church feeds the hungry, your church gives shelter to the homeless, your church defends the helpless, your church brings people of different ages together as a family to work and to worship, your church glorifies You. We know, God, that You know, that we know we are not perfect and there is work unfinished. But this Easter morning when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, we celebrate how Jesus lives NOW in the work of the church. Lord in your mercy

God the Father who created the heaven and the earth, thank you for the endless beauty of that earth. We see clouds lit up by the sunrise or sun set, we see plants poking up through the earth as it warms, we see brown turning green and there is a white barked tree in the upper parking lot that is so beautiful against the blue sky it can stop
my heart. We praise and thank you on this day of celebration for the gift of this beautiful world. Lord in your mercy

Healing and consoling God, we pray this morning for those in need. There is, we acknowledge, great need in your world, great pain, evil beyond our imagination that threatens our faith that You are in control. But on this Easter morning when we celebrate that Jesus died and then rose again, alive, we proclaim the power of God to change the world.
Because the body was not in the tomb. So now, God, show us what’s next. Lord in your mercy

- Diane Schueler