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Prayers of the Church, April 16, 2017

L.: Rejoicing in the risen life of Christ, let us pray for the church, the world, and all who are in need.

Victor of Calvary, we come to you this morning with praise and thanksgiving for who you are and who you have revealed yourself to be.

We praise you for your triumph over death and sin
for the glory of your incarnation, death, and resurrection
for creating us, desiring relationship with us and saying we are worth it
for making all things new
for being a God who is not distant.

Lord Jesus, forgive us those moments our busyness has eclipsed our vision of you and what you are doing in our lives and world. Help us this day, and every day, to grow in our knowledge and understanding of how deep, how wide, and how immense your love is for your creation. Lord in your mercy,

All: Hear our Prayer

Prayers of the Church, April 9, 2017

Lifting our voices and turning toward God, let us pray for the church, the earth, and all who are in need.

Creator God, we give thanks for the special beauty of spring and for a world rich in resources entrusted to us for future generations. Lead us to care for your creation and all its inhabitants. We thank the many volunteers who came yesterday morning to clean up the church grounds and interior, to honor your bounteous gifts to us. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.

Prayers of the Church, March 5, 2017

Merciful God, as we embark on this season of Lent, help us pause for a moment to reflect on all you have given us, not just our possessions, but your ever present love and protection that guides us through each day. In spite of our overly busy schedules, we need to take time to thank you for your guiding hand and remember to live as an example to you.

Father, in our Gospel reading, we heard again how Jesus resisted the temptations of the devil time after time. Let us take that with us today as we face the trials and temptations of our daily lives. Throughout these 40 days and even after our glorious Easter celebration, help us to resist the temptations we encounter and instead let us treat others fairly, use our time and talents effectively, spend our money wisely and above all worship only you.

Prayers of the Church, February 19, 2017

Called to be a light to the nations, let us pray for God’s justice, peace, and healing.

Glorious creator, we give thanks to you Lord God for this day of rest and refreshment. Thank you for this beautiful morning and the wonderful taste of spring in February. "For this is the day that you have created for us and we rejoice and are glad in it." Help us present our hearts and our lives as living sacrifices before you. Lord in your mercy,

hear our prayer.

Heavenly Father, thank you that your Son loved us even when we were the enemy, and that he prayed for those who killed him. Teach us to be merciful like You, and do good to all people, even to those who we consider our enemies. Help us to love those we feel are unlovable that we may look at everyone through the eyes of love. As the Jesus taught us, help us to live as if we are "kingdom subjects." so we might live out our God-created identity. Inspire us to live generously and graciously toward others, the way you live towards us. Lord in your mercy,

hear our prayer.

Prayers of the Church, February 12, 2017

Called to be a light to the nations, let us pray for God’s justice, peace and healing

Gracious Father God, we thank you for the gift of scripture. We marvel that ancient words have soul refreshing effects today. We pray for the Saad family, the family we call “ours” who fled danger in their homeland Iraq and had a rock thrown through their window in Glenside. We pray for the rock thrower who suffers with fear and anger. We pray for ourselves because we are frail humans who feel anger or self-righteously superior to the rock thrower. We pray for Your Kingdom on earth and in our neighborhood. Lord in your mercy