Sunday Morning Worship at 7:45, 9:00, and 10:30am

We worship at 7:45, 9:00, and 10:30 on Sunday morning. All of our worship services offer opportunities to experience the leadership of many Christians. Time for sharing by worshipers of where God has been active in their lives or prayer concerns. Time to gather after the service for refreshment. Worship resources that are easy to follow. A nursery staffed by a qualified adult for children up to age 3, which you are welcome to use, but children are very welcome in worship.

7:45 A.M Contemporary Holy Communion Worship

Worship for people who want: The Lord's Supper where Jesus is real, as the bread and wine (or grape juice) is real. The music is harmonic, back beat rock and roll, often familiar and often original, some of it written by the musicians that play it, For the Spirit. Intimate, friendly, and fun. The service concludes about 8:45 A.M

9:00 A.M. Informal Worship

Our 9:00 AM informal worship service is designed to be a more informal service for the entire family. It is a welcome place for those looking for a contemporary feel and will make those who have not been to worship or those who attend regulary feel at home. Our worship leaders and our praise band, For the Spirit, leads worship to enhance the worship expierence. Informal Worship is for people who want: To feel comfortable, even if they never been to church before. To feel like they have been in the presence of God but not in a traditional church. Music by the band, For the Spirit. Creative and unique ways of presenting the message. To praise God the same time as their children attend Sunday School at 9:00 A.M.

9:00 A.M. Outdoor Informal Worship - SUMMER ONLY

Our 9:00 AM informal worship service is held outdoors, weather permitting, in the woods behind the church building among mature trees in Roland's Glen. It is a time for worship of God and to celebrate the majesty of God's creation. The band, For the Spirit, leads worship from a new electrified stage that is designed to enhance the worship space of the Glen. From June through September, we worship in our grove called Roland's Glen, behind the Church. Worship planners develop family oriented experiences. The sermons often involve activities for the children. Music by the band, For the Spirit. Roland's Glen is a beautiful setting in a wooded grove with pews. If the weather makes outdoor worship impossible, we will gather in the Worship Center.

10:30 A.M. Traditional Worship

The 10:30 AM Worship is for people who want: The liturgy common to Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Episcopal Churches. The Lord's Supper where Jesus is real, as the bread and wine (or grape juice) is real. Clergy and Assisting Ministers in traditional vestments. Music and hymns with roots in hundreds of years of congregational worship. A large chancel choir with a wide repertoire of musical genres, and a good size children's choir with remarkable skill and definite enthusiasm. To worship in the late morning, at 10:30 A.M. The Lord’s Supper We believe that Jesus is present when we receive the Lord's Supper. The real presence of Jesus at the table might be express by saying that as real as the bread and wine is, that is how real Jesus is present. We invite all people to share in this communion. If a child receives communion at another congregation, they are welcomed to receive communion at Upper Dublin. Children who do not receive communion are invited to come forward and be blessed. Wine and grape juice is provided for communion. Our method is intinction, dipping the bread into one of the cups offered.