“All the world in wonder echoes ‘Shalom’”

There is a resident cricket near the chapel doors that lead outside.  One’s there every year around this time.  He’s quiet at first, but then begins to sing along as he hears the music.  He sings with the piano, he sings when the children are singing – he joins his song with ours as we praise our Creator together.

 Also, on vacation during the summer months, my family and I spent lots of time in the mountains.  We never tire of seeing those mountains, whether in western Virginia or in the Poconos.  Their majesty is always breathtaking for us.  God’s creation all around us of tall, straight trees bending in the breeze, the energy of locusts and chipmunks and deer and ground hogs, and the silent, stony  mountains stirred a grateful heart in each of us.

 I’m reminded of the Refrain of the Communion Hymn for this morning, “Light Dawns on a Weary World”, ELW #726:

The trees shall clap their hands; the dry lands, gush with springs;

the hills and mountains shall break forth with singing!

We shall go out in joy, and be led forth in peace,

as all the world in wonder echoes shalom.


While the stanzas are “successive extensions of light, hope, and love,” the Refrain’s first three lines paraphrase Isaiah 55:12.  The last line, as we humans work together, reflects that all of creation sings along with our prayer for God’s peace.

May we always be in tune and sing with joy in union with all of creation to sing praises to our Creator God.  Shalom.