Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a "member" of this church?

We are more interested in gathering 'disciples' (apprentices of Christ) and supporting your active growth in faith as followers of Christ, than in just 'adding members'. For that reason, we invite anyone interested in uniting with UDLC to come to a five-session class, called "Discipleship-First Steps." We offer this informal, study and discussion series for exploring What Lutherans believe, for understanding the Marks of Disciples, and for discovering how your spiritual gifts can enhance God's mission. When you 'join' you have been baptized, (or will be) and are saying "yes" to this family of God, as the setting for you and your family's regular worship, for receiving the sacraments, and sharing the resources and challenges of becoming more fully God's servant. Members support the church's work, by giving of themselves financially and volunteering to serve as God has gifted them.

Is it okay to ask questions about faith and religious traditions here?

Yes, please! It's natural to have to struggle to make sense out of some Christian teachings. Both, cynics and novices to the faith are welcome at UDLC, as the seasoned disciple. This is an open climate, for exploring what the bible says, and doesn't say. There are no dumb questions. We Lutherans respect intellectual inquiry and healthy debate of controversial issues facing society. The scripture is our guide and inspiration, coupled with reason, cultural dynamics and the tradition of our church ancestors.

What's a good bible to buy that will make scripture more accessible to me?

There are numerous great bibles on the market in Christian bookstores and online. It depends on what you'll use it for, historical-critical study with verse-by-verse commentary, simple devotional reading, modern paraphrasing of bible concepts, etc. We often use the New Revised Standard Version translation of the bible in traditional worship. For easy reading and supportive study helps, “The Learning Bible,” by the American Bible Society is good, or for more depth and contemporary examples, “The Life Application Bible,” published by Tyndale, in many translations is very helpful. Do you have a question? Send us an e-mail.