Supporting our Military and Veterans

Since 2005 UDLC has had a ministry sending care packages to deployed troops. We used addresses from the ANYSOLDIER web site, but that has changed. Only rarely do we find a soldier who does not have multiple partners already sending stuff. For Lent of 2016 we will send snacks and toiletries to a chaplain stationed in Kuwait. Also our congregation can pick up a stamped card to send to a soldier. Soldiers are always surprised and delighted to receive a care package or card from someone who doesn’t know them personally. They know they are not forgotten.

Our military ministry transitioned from only mailing packages to deployed troops to helping local veterans. The need is great and there are several organizations capably filling that need, we assist them where we are able. These agencies are The Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service Center ( and Impact Services ( Eve Circle recently collected items for the female veterans connected to the VMC.

Through your donations in 2015 we provided the Philadelphia Veterans Multi Service Center with new bedding, dishes, pots and pans etc. for one veteran transitioning from homelessness. Later in the summer we provided and delivered new bedding for 6 veterans to Impact Services in Kensington. In November UDLC hosted a successful community collection drive of clothing and household items to be sold in the Veterans Thrift Shop.

We will continue to keep in contact with local veteran’s organizations to provide assistance.

What you can do:

• Pray for the safety and well-being of our soldiers and the people in the countries they are stationed in. Pray for our local Veterans.

• Donate money for the ministry – earmark your offering “military packages”. This allows us to purchase desirable items we see requested.