Stewardship Voices: Ken Kunkel


Ken KunkelI had always thought that going to and being at church was something you only did on Sunday and while at church it was a private function you did alone with little interaction with others. It was a time to reflect and think about your religion and how what you learned on Sunday could be put into use as you lived your life.

I never envisioned myself shaking hands with others during the church service, or standing up and asking for prayers for a particular situation, or volunteering, or thinking about how to support the various ministries that our church performs.

Over time I have learned what most already know and that our church is a dynamic organization that is not only there on Sundays. UDLC touches many people and is a vibrant part of the community available seven days a week. I now realize that this outreach can only be accomplished through the interaction of people with one another, the sharing of our needs with others, and supporting the church with our time and gifts.

During this time of the year when the church asks for our support; Susan, our daughters, and me look at how UDLC has positively changed our lives and how we can give back a little more next year than we gave this year. We look at our time and our gifts and each year we increase what we can give back. Over the years, the increases have varied but we have always striven to make sure that each year our support grows.