Living Waters Endowment Fund

Introducing a new opportunity to make a lasting difference.... Established in 2015, the Living Waters Endowment Fund honors the legacy and dedication of all the pastors, leaders and members, whose vision for the future of UDLC continues to guide and inspire us today. . When you establish your legacy gift or endowment, you add power and permanency to the Church’s outreach into the world! UDLC has a multi-faceted series of programs, near and far, that exemplify faithful disciples’ heeding God’s call to “love one another as I have loved you.” 

“But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:14

Message from Pastor Lawlor

It's already a decade plus, that I have been privileged to serve as one of the pastors at UDLC. Time flies by in such a busy, entrepreneurial, capable, inviting, community for ministry! I once described this congregation as a “hold on to your hat” kind of place. It’s a whirlwind of dynamic volunteers using their gifts and elbow grease to make God’s world a better, more equitable environment for all. We have an obvious devotion to: outreach, social justice and service, generous stewardship habits, multi-cultural investment, and growing warm, fun relationships for ALL ages, within and outside our doors... All this is a rare find nowadays. People care deeply about our global neighbors and our local needs, from Appalachian home repair to delivering Beds for Kids in Center City and feeding homeless at Chosen 300 for 18 years, and to the dirt road villages of Tanzania. We are growing ‘younger’ by demographics, yet have a history of being “Church” in Ambler since 1753.

Still, I was caught off guard when a member recently asked me, “Pastor, do you plan to leave UDLC a “ legacy gift” from your estate? “YES!” I admitted. “Have you made the arrangements yet?” he nudged me. “No, (the ultimate procrastinator) but I will very soon!” Time flies by, indeed! Have you also considered giving a gift to ensure this con- gregation will continue making a faith-filled difference for generations to come? Read on to see how worthwhile that investment will be. Don’t wait!

- Dyan M. Lawlor, Lead Pastor

"You feed the hungry through several programs and keep meals on hand at the church ... when they experience a health crisis or death in the family. You welcome refugees into your community, and demonstrate that all people are God’s people ... (even) from faith traditions other than your own. You provide beds and bedding for children in poverty with a goal of 500 beds per year. You provide 25 plus scholarships for Tanzanian students, and you’ve helped build and sustain SEKOMU, a university in Tanzania with a mission to train special education teachers. - Pastor John Hougen

Consider a Legacy Gift Today!

Consider providing UDLC a ’reservoir’ of re- sources far into the future through making a gift to the Living Waters. If you have in- cluded the church in your plans already or plan to create an endowment for its support, please let us know. We are happy to come visit you at home and to explain possible methods for giving, when and how you choose now or in the near future. Qualifying legacy gifts include naming UDLC as a beneficiary in your:

• Will or trust
• Retirement plan
• Life insurance policy
• Other planned gift methods at any age include:
• Charitable gift annuities
• Charitable remainder trusts
• Charitable lead trusts
• Directed Cash Gifts

For more information about the Living Waters So- ciety or to learn more about how you can establish your own legacy, please return the enclosed reply card or contact our office at 215-646-7999.

"Upper Dublin has been following the path of peace for many decades, never with the goal of being recognized, but with the goal of simply being on that road with as many partners as possible. And today we recognize this church not in a spirit of boasting about what you have accomplished, but what God has accomplished through you." - Bishop Claire Burkat

Janet and Bruce Waechter

Janet and Bruce WebJanet and Bruce joined Upper Dublin Lutheran Church in 1960. "We have witnessed the building of our “new church” in 1973, the connection of the Christian Education Building and the Church, and addition of the Chapel in 1997, and the new multi-purpose room and narthex expansion in 2011. Both of us have been involved in all facets of church activities, committees and Council over the years. Bruce has served as Finance Chair over the last thirty years. Upper Dublin has balanced its yearly budgets almost every year, yet (with one exception) church endowment and assets have remained essentially the same. Endowment-type gifts to our Church have totaled less than $100,000 over this entire thirty-year period. This is a concern. Janet and I feel strongly about preserving the mission and work of our 262 year-old congregation. That’s why both of us identified gifts to our Church in our wills over twenty years ago. We hope that many others will consider similar gifts to help en- dow our Church’s work for the next generations.

Adele Veihl

Adele Web"Many years ago, my husband Richard and I wanted to contribute to several organizations that were most meaningful to us. Upper Dublin Lutheran Church was one of them. Among the many reasons that we loved Upper Dublin are the mem- bers, the pastors, the programs, the youth and the rich heritage of our 250-plus year history. I’d like to see our Church continue to flourish for centuries to come, and realize that the generations of today need to provide a foundation for the future. Over the years, both Richard and I were active in numerous church activities including Council and many, many committee activities. (Perhaps now, with my recent injury, I may need to back off a bit), but I plan to be active for years to come. I love our Church! Years ago, for our contribution, we chose the Charitable Gift Annuity approach - as it provided us (and now just me) an attractive income throughout our lives. In that way, we were happy that we could make a significant contribution to Upper Dublin Lutheran Church to help endow the future of the church we both love. I hope that others also might consider such an approach."

Adam and Stephanie Jacob

Stephanie and Adam Jacob WebWhen my wife and I were looking for a church to raise our young family, we found a spiritual richness at Upper Dublin that we couldn't find elsewhere. Each of us are spiritually fulfilled in different ways, and for me that fulfillment comes through music. I enjoy singing in the chancel choir, and assisting with the color bell and chime choirs for the pre-K and elementary age groups respectively. What has truly impressed us are the variety of voice and instrumental groups that cater to kids and adults of all ages, and the cross-generational relation- ships that have formed and strength- ened. In my youth, I was fortunate to have grown up in a similar church environ- ment. My faith was strengthened and life-long friendships formed as a result, and I am excited that my children will get to have a similar experi- ence here at Upper Dublin.” (Adam)

... when I walked into my first Adult Forum, I was blown away! The pro- fessors who lead the discussions each week are full of insights and make the bible material thought-provoking. 'Forum' has helped me better un- derstand my bible and Lutheran theology. I am encouraged to read scripture more often in an 'in depth way.' I look forward to expanding my biblical knowledge in Adult Forum for years to come!" (Stephanie)