Green Team

Our mission is to steward God's creation through education, awareness and advocacy so that all people will become responsible for the sustainability of the planet. Our vision is that people of all ages will live the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim as these will positively impact their finances as welll as the local and global environments.

Ten Tips for a Terrific Tomorrow

10.Reclaim- Office supply stores and large electronics stores (Staples, Best Buy etc) will accept old electronics (computers, monitors, printers etc) and reclaim or responsibly recycle the parts.

9. Recycle-Keep paper, glass, plastic and cans out of the landfills!

8. Reuse-Tote your own shopping bags, travel coffee mug and reusable cool drink bottles.

7. Reduce-Use energy efficient appliances, buy items with minimal packaging, use cloth towels instead of paper towels and think before you print!

6. Unplug-Turn off and unplug unused electronics and switch off lights to save energy.

5. Swap-Trade outgrown clothes and toys with neighbors, friends and family.

4. Protect-Dispose of chemicals, paints and batteries properly. Try eco-friendly cleaners.

3. Plan-Carpool whenever possible and plan errands wisely to limit the number car trips.

2. Buy Local-Opt for local produce and products whenever you shop.

1. Teach- Tell your family, friends and neighbors about these ten tips.