Sunday School Registration Information

For the Safety of our Children & Youth, we require all students to be registered

In an attempt to update our files, we are asking all parents to complete one of these new forms for each if their children.

Download the form here:  Sunday School Registration Form (Word)

New Students: Beginning August 1st, Registration Forms will be available on our website; In the Youth Wall File, Main Entrance; and In the Church Office. Forms will be available on Registration Tables on September 15th and through September. Beginning October, Registration Forms will be in the classrooms.

Returning Students: Beginning September 15th and continuing through September, Update Forms will be available for returning students. In October they will be in classrooms.

Special Needs Students: We welcome students with special needs! Parents of special needs students, please contact Livvy Steffens before bringing your child to class! We want to work together to make our Sunday School a welcome place for all children! 

Visitors: please sign a Visitor’s registration Form for your child. Visitors’ Registration Forms will be located in all classrooms.