Sunday School 2016-2017 Calendar

We are looking forward to another great year of learning and growing together in Sunday School! Here are dates and information for the upcoming 2016-2017 Sunday school year with class and activities schedule.

UDLC Sunday School Linear Calendar

January to June, 2017


January Servant Projects: * Late January - 3 Yr Olds through 5th grade: Begin making Valentines Cards for Chosen 300 * Late January- 6th & 7th Grades: Preparation for SOUPer Bowl Sunday

January 1, New Year’s Day ~ New Year’s Blessings to ALL! No Sunday School classes

January 8, (Epiphany 1), Baptism of Our Lord: Classes in session. Epiphany Procession:
• To take place as part of the Offertory, 9AM worship, Jan 8th.
• Students will spend first part of morning in their classrooms and will process into worship, following ushers as they take offerings to altar.
• Individual classes to decide if they’d like to participate.
• Suggestion – Kids could carry gifts of food to be shared with others. Kids process with banners of stars; Kids process wearing Wise men’s crowns; 3rd graders will carry gift boxes with spiritual gifts labels – other classes could also do this.
• Kids’ Sermon Team will share something special that day…perhaps enact the story of the Wise Men’s Visit.

January 15 (Epiphany 2): Classes in session * 6th& 7th Grades begin SOUPer Bowl Prep and Hunger Education. Enrichment, 3’s thru 1st Gr
January 22 (Epiphany 3): Classes in session *6th& 7th Grades SOUPer Bowl Prep and Hunger Education *3 Yr Olds thru 5th Grade: Begin Valentines for Chosen 300.
January 29, (Epiphany 4): Congregational Celebration Sunday - one service at 10am, no classes


February Servant Projects: SOUPer Bowl of Caring, February 5th & Completion of Chosen 300 Valentines by 2/7;

February 5 (Epiphany 5), Classes in session * SOUPer Bowl of Caring Collection, All 3 Worship Services (6th & 7th Grades to facilitate)
* 3Yr olds thru 5th Grade complete Chosen 300 Valentines
February 12 (Epiphany 6): Classes in session Enrichment, 3’s thru 1st Gr
February 19 (Epiphany 7): Classes in session (Presidents’ Day weekend):
February 26: Transfiguration Sunday: Transfiguration of our Lord: Classes in session



March Servant Project: Lenten World Hunger Offering

March 5, (Lent 1), Classes in session
* Distribution of Lenten World Hunger Offering Boxes

March 12, (Lent 2): Classes in session
March 19, (Lent 3) Enrichment, 3’s thru 1st Gr
March 26, (Lent 4)


April Servant Project: ELCA Anti Malaria Campaign

April 2, (Lent 5) Classes in session
* 4th Grade Trial of Jesus, 9-10AM, Fellowship Hall

April 9, Palm Sunday ~ Holy Week begins: Classes in session Youth Pancake Breakfast all morning in Fellowship Hall

April 16 (Easter) He is Risen! Easter Blessings to ALL! No Sunday School Classes
April 23, (Easter 2 ) : Classes in session
April 30, (Easter 3 ) : Classes in session Enrichment, 3’s thru 1st Gr; Group First Holy Communion Education Gathering: Sunday, April 30, 9-10:30 AM, Fellowship Hall (changed from April 23rd)




May Servant Project: Support ASP

May 7, (Easter 4) : Classes in session
*9:30-10AM, 3rd Grade Forgiveness Skit Rehearsal, Fellowship Hall
Group First Holy Communion, 10:30 Worship
May 14, (Easter 5), Mothers’ Day, Classes in session
* 3rd Grade Forgiveness Skit, 9:30 – 10 AM, Fellowship
May 21, (Easter 6): Last day of Sunday School: Classes in session * 9:30 – 10AM End of Sunday School Year Celebration, Fellowship Hall.
May 28, (Easter 7) (Memorial Day Weekend) Classes over for 2016-2017 school year. Sunday School Resumes in September. Enjoy family worship, and have a most blessed summer!


June 6, Confirmation Sunday! Affirmation of Baptism, 10:30 worship service