Adult Forum

UDLC hosts a variety of programs for its adult membership and to the community which it serves. The common purpose of each is to provide for the participant an experience for spiritual growth and awareness. Our small group ministries offer a way for you to feel connected within the body Christ. Come join us to find your joy and "sweet spot" in life. The Adult Forum meets on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00am in the Lounge, and periodcally in the evenings throughout the year.

Spring 2016 Schedule

April 3rd - David Grafton, "The Story of the 1865 Arabic Bible Translation"
April 10th - David Grafton, "The Manuscripts of the 1865 Arabic Bible Translation"
April 17th - David Grafton, "What Lessons Might We Learn From the 1865 Arabic Bible Translation?"
all of these presentations are from David's new book "The Contested Origins of the 1865 Arabic Bible"

April 24th - Karyn Wiseman, "Dubious Characters of the Bible"

May 1st - Pastor Keith Anderson presenting
May 8th - Karyn Wiseman, "Telling the Story of Our Faith"
May 15th - Erik Heen, Pentacost
May 22nd - Beth Abbot, "Using the Spirit of Our Lord Within Us"